• Jan


Housekeeping Assistant

What is your job role at Blackwell?

My job role at Blackwell is working with Jill and Jane as a Housekeeping Assistant. I take great pride in making sure the house is well presented and comfortable for our visitors. As a Scout Leader as I have an understanding of what its like from both sides, having booked the Manor House many times for our own Scout Group.

What's your favourite thing about Blackwell?

I really enjoy working with so many different people, the team is made up with different age groups, backgrounds and nationalities so it is great fun and we all bounce off one another. I also love and appreciate the surroundings at Blackwell, no matter what the season it is always a pleasure to drive to work. It is a truly vocational role that I enjoy very much.

Tell us something we don’t know about you?

AS a family we spent a few years living in Spain. My youngest son was born in Gibraltar. I have travelled extensively with our Scout Group and Austria is a particular favourite.

Jan - Blackwell Adventure