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History of Blackwell Court

In the late 1960s Birmingham County Scouts decided it was time to find a new campsite.

Yorks Wood had provided a fantastic site for many years but as the City of Birmingham grew, the country retreat that was Yorks Wood had found itself encompassed with houses. Working parties were set up with volunteers searching all around the Birmingham area to find a new campsite. During these searches two gentlemen made their way up a long drive to discover the Jewel that is Blackwell Court.

With tight finances the Birmingham Scouts found financial support from a local benevolent millionaire, Douglas Turner.

His help allowed Blackwell Court to be purchased and the long job of turning a country house estate into a campsite and activity centre began.

Within the Manor House laid many unseen treasures. Many of the rooms still contain their original fireplaces with some fine examples located on the ground floor.

The well equipped kitchen still retains many of its original features. The cupboards in The “washing up room” have beautifully crafted glass fronted tall sliding cupboards and we are lucky to still have both of the tiled cold rooms, one of which retains its slate shelves. The crowning glory of the kitchen has to be our 1891 Eagle Range made on Broad Street in Birmingham.

Where we are today

Over the years the developments outside of the house have continued with a range of new adventurous activities for all to enjoy.

Over the last ten years, much investment has been made to improve the standard of the facilities at Blackwell Court and Pikes Pool, both for campers and people staying indoors. The activity bases have increased dramatically making Blackwell Adventure a perfect choice for those looking for everything in one place.

Although we have a long relationship with the Scouts, Guides and Voluntary Youth Organisations, we have a large number of Schools, Colleges, Family Groups and Businesses that also use the centre. This has allowed us to develop our products enabling us to increase the activities we offer to everyone.

Formed in 2005 Blackwell Adventure now manages the affairs of Blackwell Court and Pikes Pool. Since forming this company, we have seen an increase in trade, allowing many more people to use the facilities.


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