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Fan Descender

12th November 2015

We have recently installed a fan descender at Blackwell Adventure to see what people thought about it and so far so good. The exciting free fall tests your nerves as you jump off the platform and free fall down to…

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Picture 143


29th October 2015

Here’s some little facts you may not know about Archery! The bows that we use may look modern but they are based on a design that originated over 3500 years ago! During the middle ages a skilled bowman could release between 10-12…

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Team Challenge

Our School Holiday Club… ‘ The Get Out Club’

8th October 2015

We have been running a School Holiday Club we call the ‘Get Out Club’ for over 4 years and we love to see our regulars come back year and year… the children get to experience so many different activities plus interact…

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