Winter Events & Cyclo Cross

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On Sunday 8th November the West Midlands Cyclo-cross joined us for the second year running to host their league event here at Blackwell Adventure. The site transforms into a race track as over 500 people descend upon Blackwell Court with their bicycles to enjoy some healthy competition. From 6 year olds to veterans all competing, the whole event has a brilliant family atmosphere.

The general consensus of the course is that it’s a tricky one, with the hard climbs and technical choice of paths. Who doesn’t love a challenge?

The Lycra clad bodies, donned with mud post race, quickly fled to the food shack to down a fresh burger and a hot cuppa to keep them toasty warm.

With fewer campers in this winter environment, it gives us the perfect opportunity to host such events as this. Do you need a venue for a winter sporting event? How about a picturesque location for a photoshoot?

Just get in touch and we’ll see how we can help.




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