Winter at Blackwell Adventure

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As we head into these colder months we see a few changes around Blackwell Adventure. We don’t just get submerged in leaves and then hibernate for the rest of the winter, although with the quantity of leaves around right now it might be a viable option.

The centre partly closes down with several taps turned off to prevent the water freezing, the tented villages are packed away and some toilet blocks shut down to save on power. We still plough on for those of you who like to brave the cold as our camping and activities run all year round, so feel free to come and pay us a visit. You might just need an extra layer!

Our latitude volunteers fly home, often to much warmer climates. All of them onto new and exciting opportunities with Blackwell’s experiences under their belt. We want to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of them for there hard work, determination and their bright personalities. They really make a difference both out on site and within the Blackwell Adventure. We wish you good luck.



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